Countdown to the last ever Decision Day...


Fifteen finalists will be presenting at the Decision Day in a couple of weeks time and as you can see, there are a wide variety of projects trying to make Gosport a safer, better place:

  • 6th Gosport Air Scouts refurbishment                              £1000
  • Breakthrough Youth Club equipment                                £500
  • Tammy's One Stop Shop                                                 £1219
  • Loud & Proud re-branding                                                 £560
  • The Bobby Scheme                                                          £2500
  • Gosport Marine Futures                                                    £1000
  • New Cycle Shelter Alverstoke Infant School                     £2005
  • Moving on Counselling                                                      £1734
  • Forton Footie Project                                                        £999.08
  • Need for Speed & Space at Gosport BMX                       £1080
  • Gosport SHED expansion                                                £2819
  • Community Safety Sailing Support                                  £1255
  • Gosport FC Soccercise & referees course                     £2900
  • Motiv8 - Communities in the Mood!                                  £3500
  • Square Pegs Round Holes                                               £1426  

Below is a summary of what each of the projects are bidding for:

2015 Project finalists [WORD, 18k]

The Decision Day will take place at Thorngate Halls on Saturday 17th October 2015.  All Gosport residents are invited to come along and vote on which projects they think deserve to be funded.  Residents will need to arrive from 12pm to find out about the finalists' projects in the marketplace of displays.  Voters will need to be seated by 12.45pm ready to listen to each of the projects' 3 minute pitch.  If you visit and type in the search box 'safer gosport', you will find a selection of videos from our previous Decision Days, which will give you an idea of what to expect.  This will be the 10th and last Decision Day, so this will be a celebration of all of the projects the scheme has helped over the past six years as well as Gosport citizens' chance to vote for the last time. 

Important information:

  • You MUST be a resident living in Gosport to be eligible to vote and aged 10 years or over.
  • Younger children and non-Gosport residents are permitted to observe but not take part in the voting.
  • This event will be filmed and photographed to please make staff aware if you do not wish to be photographed or filmed.
  • You must stay for the duration of the event and late-comers will not be permitted.
  • Light refreshments will be provided in the interval.
  • Parking is available in the pay and display car park at a small fee.

Places are limited!  To secure your place, you can e-mail, text or telephone using the details below but you can only book for yourself and people living in your household:


Tel: 023 9254 5232

Text: 07985 234367

You will need to give the names of the people attending, your full address and a contact telephone number in case we need to contact you prior to the event.  If you can provide your email address too, this helps to provide any updates prior to the event.

Special News! - All attendees will be entered into a FREE raffle, thanks to the generous support from local businesses.  Prizes so far include:

  • £25 voucher from Absolute Running, Stoke Road
  • A printed Hoodie of your choice from NoLimitz
  • Decorative canvas from Inside Story Interiors, Stoke Road
  • A limo experience for up to 8 people from Blue Orchid Limos
  • £25 One4All shopping giftcard
  • A free family Swim at Gosport Leisure Centre
  • Boxes of Chocolates rom Tesco, Lee on the Solent

What to do if you cannot attend the Decision Day

It is best if you can attend as many of the projects produce brilliant presentations with much more information about what they hope to achieve with the funds. If you cannot attend, you may cast your vote for the projects using the form below.

Close up voting doc   2015 YOUdecide voting form [WORD, 281k]

Votes placed prior to the Decision Day using this form will only be worth half the value of those who vote at the event. This is because importance is placed upon the presentations made by the bidders and value of the participatory process that takes place during the Decision Day. The following rules apply to the pre-event voting:

  • The same age and residency guidelines above still apply. You will also need to give your name, address and contact number for the vote to be valid.
  • You can only vote once.
  • You must award all of the projects a valid score or all of your scores will be void. Zero is not a valid score.
  • If you participate in the pre-event voting, you cannot attend the Decision Day event.

The deadline for completed voting forms is 5pm on Friday 9th October 2015 and should be e-mailed to: Alternatively, you can print off the form and post it to: Gosport Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, PO12 1EB. Any forms submitted after this time will not count towards the voting score.

To give you an idea of some of the previous successful projects, visit the YOUdecide history page - this contains details of which types of projects won funding, along with videos from the YOUdecide Decision Days so you can see some of the presentations and get an idea of what a Decision Day entails. Winning projects ranged from a few hundred pounds for a children's gardening club run by a volunteer to several thousand pounds for a football project delivered by a community group. 

Through YOUdecide, local residents will have awarded £100,000 worth of public funds to projects that mean the most to them and their local communities, with £74,000 of this being provided by Hampshire County Council.

Decision Day winners 2014


Voters audience

The final was held at Gosport Town Hall on Saturday 11th October at Gosport Town Hall. One hundred and seventy three Gosport residents took part in the pre-event voting and just over seventy people took part on the day. They were joined by the District Commander Chief Inspector Peglar, The Worshipful The Mayor of Gosport Councillor Gill, County Councillor Carter and Councillor Beavis, the Chair of Gosport Community Safety Partnership.

The market place of displays was a great success again, being a hive of activity before the start of the event and after the presentations as voters decided how many points to award each project. The votes were incredibly close again, reflecting the incredible work of all of the bidders and what they are trying to achieve for Gosport. Out of the thirteen finalists, six projects received funding (Refurbishment of Elson Church Hall received part-funding of their original bid of £3,800): 

Vote place





Young, Hungry & Homeless project

Provision of hot meal vouchers for homeless young people & basic food provision for those in accommodation with no income, & travel assistance to reach accommodation/appointments.

Money will pay for food vouchers and travel costs.




Positive Family Development Initiative

Expansion of the service provided at GosConCen which hosts families in crisis, designed to change the way contact is maintained between parents following a breakdown of relationship.

Money will pay for venue, administration and advisor costs.





A not-for-profit organisation providing home help service to help people maintain independence by carrying out tasks (such as food shopping) & increasing safety for vulnerable residents.

Funding will contribute to administration & staff costs.





Heart for the Homeless

To promote & support existing provision for homeless people/those at risk of homelessness, and to provide additional support/activities such as music/literacy groups & soup kitchens.

Funds are sought to pay for equipment & severe weather emergency provision.





Leesland Park Soundseat

Replacement of dilapidated community seat in the orchard area of Leesland Park, which will be implemented and maintained by Friends of Leesland Park.

Funding will pay for materials to replace bench.





Refurbishment of Church Hall

Redecoration and repair of St Thomas’ Church Hall used by a variety of local community groups such as pre-school, karate club and youth group.

Funds are sought to pay for essential repairs to the roof.







































The remaining five project finalists were assisted where possible in identifying alternative sources of funding. These were (in no particular order); Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, Gosport Marine Scene Festival 2015, Young Artists, Gosport School and Street Pastors, Family Fun Day and Focus Youth Club. As a result of participating in the Decision Day, the remaining finalist Mobility Scooter Training, has secured funding from County Councillor Carter and Solent Mobility.

Tesco fruit tasting       Voters boxes

A link to clips of the presentations made by bidders and some interviews with the projects can be found here:

Decision Day 2014

The monies available for this round of YOUdecide have been awarded to Gosport Community Safety Partnership by Hampshire County Council through their Have Your Say Grant.  The purpose is to allow local people to have a say and determine which local projects receive funding from the County Council in order to help improve their local environment, to support local groups or strengthen their community. You can find out more about the scheme on their webpage here.

YOUdecide Bridgemary vote

The scheme was started in 2010 following a Home Office initiative and you can find out about the history of YOUdecide here.  You can also watch the video below, which includes interviews with winning YOUdecide projects from 2010.

For further information about the scheme, please contact Sam Mitchell by e-mail: or telephone: 023 9254 5232 / 07985 234367