Youth YOUdecide 2017

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The Gosport Community Safety Partnership Board members agreed to grant £5,000 to the YOUdecide fund to specifically assist projects helping to support young people and address issues of community safety within Gosport.  

In 2015, the last YOUdecide funded by Hampshire County Council's 'Have Your Say' scheme was held, and due to budget cuts across the County, it was thought this would be the final Decision Day after six years of the scheme.   

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However, with the introduction of changes to HCC Youth Support Service and reduction in funding to their 0-19 Children's Services Grant, the impact on services to children and young people resulted in gaps in provision emerging and this was raised with the Gosport Local Children's Partnership.  In response to this and reviews carried out by the Community Safety Team, the CSP Board felt this was a priority that needed to be addressed.

The Youth YOUdecide fund was launched in January 2017, with the overall criteria that projects or ideas must demonstrate they are helping young people* and improving their communities to be safer, better places to live, addressing issues of crime or Anti Social Behaviour.  The deadline for applications was Friday 10th March 2017, with a number of applications submitted.  Projects that meet the criteria will be invited to present to an audience of young people at the Decision Day, which will be held on Thursday 11th May 2017 at Jervis Gallery, St Vincent Gosport.  Finalists will be announced in April 2017.

*young people aged 11-19 years or up to 25 for a young person with a disability or a care leaver

History of YOUdecide 

You can find out about some of the successful projects by visiting the YOUdecide history page - this contains details of past projects who have successfully won funding, along with videos from the YOUdecide Decision Days so you can watch some of the presentations and get an idea of what a Decision Day involves. Winning projects ranged from a few hundred pounds for a children's gardening club run by a volunteer to several thousand pounds for a football project delivered by a community group. Please bear in mind that this year's applications have to be aimed at helping young people, rather than just the general population as in previous years but what the previous winners all demonstrate is a passion and committment to help people and areas of Gosport, to help make it a safer better place to live in some way.

Through YOUdecide, local residents will have awarded £110,000 worth of public funds to projects that mean the most to them and their local communities, with £84,000 of this being provided by Hampshire County Council.

Decision Day winners 2015

Audience         Gosport FC

The YOUdecide Decision Day took place on Saturday 17th October 2015 at Thorngate Halls.   Just under two hundred people attended the event, taking time to find out about the fourteen finalists in the Market place. There was an air of excitement and nerves before the presentations began at 1pm but despite the nervousness the finalists put on a fantastic show highlighting the brilliant work going on in Gosport every day! The audience were treated to singing from Motiv8, a soccercise class from Gosport FC and moving stories from the many volunteer organisations. Sadly, £10,000 wasn't enough to fund all of the finalists and the winning projects as voted for by Gosport residents were: 

  • Motiv8 Communities in the Mood - £3,500
  • Moving on Project Counselling - £1,734
  • Gosport FC Referees Course & Soccercise - £2,900
  • Breakthrough Youth Club - £500
  • Tammy's One Stop Shop - £1,219

The YOUdecide scheme was started in 2010 following a Home Office initiative and you can find out about the history of YOUdecide here.  You can also watch the video below, which includes interviews with winning YOUdecide projects from 2010.

For further information about the scheme, please contact Sam Mitchell by e-mail: or telephone: 023 9254 5232 / 07985 234367