Community Safety Partnership Plan and Priorities

Community Safety Partnership Plan and Priorities

The Partnership has to produce a Community Safety Partnership Plan, which sets outs the key priorities for areas of work. There is a legal requirement for the Community Safety Plan to be refreshed on an annual basis.

The Partnership has delivered significant reductions in crime and Anti-Social Behaviour across Gosport over the past several years. To ensure continued success in reducing the problems of crime and Anti-social behaviour across Gosport, the Community Safety Partnership Plan 2018 – 2019 has been developed in consultation with statutory partners and key stakeholders. The Plan details the work that will be undertaken by the Community Safety Partnership in relation to the priority areas which are detailed within the document below:

CSP Board Strategic Plan 2019 final version

This year, the CSP would like to gain more of an understanding about how the local community feels about safety and issues of crime and anti-social behaviour in Gosport.  You can complete the short online survey by clicking on the link below:

Members of the Community Safety Team will be at Gosport Ambulance Open Day on 30/06/19 and GAFIRS Blue Light Day on 14/07/19, where local residents can also complete the survey and highlight any concerns.  If you would prefer to complete a hard copy of the survey, please e-mail: