Street Pastors

Street Pastors

Street Pastors were launched in Gosport in 2008. They are a team of volunteers from local churches in the Borough who go out on the streets of Gosport to care, listen and help those out on the street.

There are currently six teams with a total of 28 members. The groups cover Friday and Saturday nights from 22:00 – 03:00. The routes taken by the teams include North Cross Street, White Lion Walk, Stoke Road, Gosport Town Centre and Gosport Ferry terminal.

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School Pastors

On the back of the incredibly successful Street Pastors initiative, Ascension Trust launched School Pastors in 2009.

School and College Pastors are volunteers who work to build and develop relationships between the pupil, the home and the school, and to encourage the pupil to positively relate to peers, teachers and the wider community.

Brune Park Community School has agreed to pilot the initiative. School Pastors will aim to offer a reassuring and friendly presence to students who may not feel able to speak openly to teachers or parents. They will work to enchance the safety, emotional and social wellbeing of students through caring, listening and helping.

To find out more about this initiative please contact Coordinator Lesley Davis on 07500058486 or email

School Pastors Newsletter [PDF, 1,277k]