Cycle Crime

Cycle Crime


Register your bike!

If you have attended a Cycle Safe event in the past, please remember to register your bike using the security code in the pack given to you. Below is a link to a document that will assist you in registering your bike…it will only take a couple of minutes to complete.

Steps to register your bicycle

Cycle Gosport Launch Event

The Cycle Gosport launch event will be taking place on Tuesday 17th July at Brune Park School from 17:30 – 19:00.

Please see the poster below for further details.

Cycle Safe Review 2017 – 2018

Gosport Community Safety Partnership, including the Community Safety Team and Police have attended a number of events over previous months. Details of the number of bicycles coded and locks sold at these events are below:

Cycles coded
Locks sold
Marine Festival – May 2017
Motiv8 Hubs – July 2017
Bridgemary Carnival – July 2017
GAFIRS Blue Light Day – July 2017
STEAM Fete, Bridgemary School – July 2017
Motiv8 Hub – July 2017
Motiv8 Hub – July 2017
Ferry Gardens – July 2017
Junior Park Run – July 2017
Summer Passport – August 2017
Junior Beat Surgery – October 2017
Beat Surgery – November 2017
Stay Safe Week, St Vincent College – November 2017
Ferry Gardens – December 2017
Gosport Discovery Centre – December 2017 2
Gosport Leisure Centre – January 2018 11 1
Year 7 students, Bay House School – March 2018


Find that bike

Find that bike is a site that will send emails to the registered person to advise of any bike that has been put up for sale on Gumtree or Ebay which matches specifics entered by the user.

It also has a section to check for bike serial numbers and to report stolen bikes.

To find out more please visit

A guide to keeping your bicycle safe

  • Don’t leave your bicycle unlocked – even for a minute!
  • If you have a garage or shed, secure your bicycle in it using a lock and then lock the garage/shed.
  • Lock the frame to something solid and use a sold secure lock. Visit
  • Security code your bicycle. Visit
  • Note your bicycle make, model and frame number somewhere safe.

It is recommended that cyclists use two locks of different types, and lock the frame and both wheels to the stand. This will defend the secured bicycle against multiple theft techniques. Please see the diagram below.

Please see the following link to a video showing you how to lock your bike correctly and keep your bike safe from thieves: