DogWatch – Calling all Dog Walkers

DogWatch is an initative run by Hampshire Police to encourage dog walkers to be pro-active and vigilant in their area whilst out walking their dogs.

Do you know any local dog walking groups, charities, organisations/business in your area that can help promote this scheme?

Please ask them to get in touch or send contact information so we can reach out via –

The more this scheme is promoted, the more members we can get signed up, the more ears, eyes and paws we have out and about in your community. In turn looking after your community, keeping it safe for all.

If crimes and suspicious activity is not reported and recorded probably – to Police it did not happen. They need everyone to report any crimes or suspicious activity to enable them to see hot spots areas of concern, types of offences/activity, so they can correctly resource officers and staff, and engage with the community and partners to stop and prevent crimes from happening in the future.